I made a delicious dinner salad tonight that I’m super excited to share!  I find making salads super creative and really love to mix and match different flavors, colors and textures.  Tonight I was going with an Asian theme so made a miso ginger dressing that was light, but really flavorful!

I used one of my favorite kitchen tools because it cuts down on my chopping time.  It’s the Borner V-Slicer and make sure you wear a protection glove.  I’ve cut myself more than once on a mandolin and its absolutely horrible.  I will never again make that mistake now that I have these BladeX5 gloves.  Here is a great gift idea – Order two slicers and one set of gloves and gift the additional slicer and one glove.  You will only ever need to use one glove and I promise your recipient will love you!  You are SO welcome!

Spring mix
Orange bell pepper
Purple cabbage
Green onion

Dressing ( blended super smooth in Vitamix)
Miso (any type will do)
Bragg liquid amino
Bragg ACV
Chia seeds
White sesame seeds (add after blending)
Black sesame seeds (add after blending)