I have started eating more beans, something is telling me to so the whole family is consuming more.  I think they are important and am looking forward the nutrient boost.  I’ll sum up my findings and share.

Tonight’s hot mix was:
Pinto beans
Corn tortillas

I was so hungry I ate it before I could get a picture.  I added some current fridge shots to make up for it.  I’m all stocked up as you can see!

Here are some of their known benefits of beans!

Yup it’s true, you can get all the protein you need from vegetable sources, but here and there our bodies can handle processing animal protein if we enjoy it…just not every day, it’s too acidic and consumes a lot of energy.

I don’t think you can have too much but most people have far too little.

Low fat:
Fat is good but not all fats are good for you.  All varieties of nuts, seeds, and also avocado are great nutrient rich fat sources!

Low glycemic:
Keeps blood sugar low

Cancer fighter

Gluten free

Super inexpensive:
For all the nutrients they provide it’s just such a bargain!  Now pair them with some rice and vegetables and call it a meal!  They are so versatile too, so I know I won’t find it hard to keep it interesting throughout the year.

Beans are a longevity food and good for the sole!