I’m out of mango and running low on bananas so tried something new…

– blueberries
– green apple
– dates
– green chard

I normally use baby spinach in my smoothies for their mild taste, but I’m out of spinach too. I have frozen but don’t prefer it in smoothies. The chard is stronger tasting and I prefer it in my salads or juices over smoothies.  It is still a refreshing healthy smoothie that will give me energy, hydration, fiber, vitamins, enzymes, nutrients, and more!

I put some psyllium in Colton’s so I can spoon feed it to him when he wakes up from his nap. Start slow when adding the psyllium as it gels up quickly if you add too much.  You can always add more water if this happens, but it will water down the taste.  It’s a great source of fiber!  He loved it and was still hungry when it was gone so I gave him 2/3 of a large banana.   He already had one for breakfast, so this is his second one today!