So simple to make and so delicious.  It can be for breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner…anytime!

Blend the following:
– dates (20 Halawy)
– coconut water (I had a young Thai coconut in the fridge so used about 1/3 cup of that but  you can use plain water if you don’t have coconut water)
– vanilla
– fruit (persimmon, banana, apple…persimmon gives it the most caramel like texture, but they are out of season and I’ve gone thought all my frozen ones.  Bananas are good, but it makes it taste like banana which i didn’t want.  I went with apple as the taste is not overpowering, but it makes it less dense and more airy light…so delicious)
– apples for dipping…I like green for the sweet and tart combo.

I made a big bowl of this dip and ate 3 apples with it…meal size portion.  I did share with Colton and wow does he love this combo!

I also had an arugula salad with apple, dried apricot, and mustard.

Doesn’t it look like peanut butter?