Colton started the day with:
Rice milk
Green juice

I made a batch of oatmeal to take with us while we are out today.  I made the oatmeal on the stove and then added the apple and the rest of the ingredients to the Vitamix on low with a little water. Then I poured in the hot oats while it was running and it became a great consistency.  If it’s too watery then add more chia seeds and give it 10 min to soak up before you decide if you need more.  And if it’s not wet enough add water or milk.  I don’t recommend adding milk if you are going to be away from refrigeration.

Steel cut oats
Old fashion oats
Chia seeds
Hemp seed
Coconut oil
Skinless red apple
Vitamin D

We wont be home until after dinner so I am bringing this jar, a banana, 2 of his coconut almond cookies, and green juice.  If we eat at a restaurant I will ask for steamed rice or potato.  If they have roasted vegetables then I will order that for the both of us.