I have fallen in love with Heal All Tea

With herbs/tea you want to boil your roots and steep your flowers and leaves.  These are roots, so I boil one teaspoon for 5 – 7 minutes.  I put fresh chopped ginger in also.  When done I strain it and add cayenne, lemon, and sweetener.  I prefer coconut nectar as it doesn’t spike your blood sugar, but am out so used some raw honey and stevia.  Make sure your honey is really raw…not clear of liquid.  This drink is a hardcore get your day started right tea…no joke.

I drink the entire jar before having anything else, and I find that is has a major impact on how I feel and eat for the rest of the day.  On days I don’t drink this I regret it.  It’s similar to working out in the morning…I don’t want to undo my workout by consuming poor quality food and beverages.

Start your day off right…even if it’s just a couple glasses of water.  Hydrate with water or tea (not black) before you have your other morning food and drink.  Even if it’s just lemon water, I promise you will see a difference if you stick with it.  After being asleep all night we need to FIRST hydrate…remember that coffee is dehydrating…even though it is made with water.

I am going to see if I can put together my own version of this tea before I order more (I’m almost out) so will let you know what I come up with. I have a great resource for bulk organic herbs in the Boston area that I’ll share soon.