It’s late, the baby’s asleep and all I want to do is go to bed, but I don’t.  Instead I prep the next days food to be ahead of myself in the morning. Too many times I have left this work for the morning and even said I would get up early to do it.  When my alarm goes off I’m tired and  just not as energetic as I’d like and it takes me so long I leave out an important smoothie or juice for lack of time.  So I’ve been quite diligent about spending the 30 min to do it at night and it always takes me less time than if I left it for the morning.  I think it also mentally prepares me for a day of healthy eating which Is nice.  Those temptations are out there and I’m only so strong if I don’t have any food with me,  but if there’s a smoothie in my car I don’t have to get convenience food that is expensive and not as healthy as my own.

Here are a couple photos to show you what a typical prep looks like.  We have a green juice back left, with a smoothie back right, and oatmeal soaking in the middle.  In front we have two salads which I typically don’t make ahead, but wanted it for lunch so I did. There’s the bananas for Colton and the the an avocado too.

Worth the effort!