Woke up with a happy baby and sun coming through the windows…perfect Saturday morning!

My goal is to be outside today, so after breakfast I started putting together our food for the day.  Colton is having the leftover oatmeal from breakfast which is oats, raisins, and chia seeds.  I almost always have some oatmeal in a jar either on the counter or in my bag.  He will eat it at any temperature.  I make sure not to put any form of milk in the jar I will be keeping out for the day.

The smoothie is mango, banana, and kale….bringing some for Dominic and me too.

I have some delicious naval oranges that are perfectly ripe, so I will bring 5 of those and peel them along the way.

I stocked up on herbs yesterday, so I made a peppermint and dandelion tea to drink through the day.  I make a concentrate, then dilute it and sweeten it if wish.  I Love mint when being active and the dandi helps detoxify…the liver specifically.  Every single person could use liver detoxification, every.