Revolution Cleanse – By: Revolution Juice

Get ready to experience a WHOLE new way to cleanse.

Our Revolution Juice® cleanses are specially designed to help your body naturally release all the built up toxins that hold you back from a healthier mind and body.  It’s time to take on a challenge that will reward you in ways you could never imagine.  It’s time to take control, it’s time to cleanse!

A cleanse is not a quick fix, crash diet or weight loss miracle.  We can not expect to cleanse out years of abuse, misuse and toxic waste in 3-5 days. Cleansing is a big step in the right direction and boy will you feel a difference.  You are going to get to know your body better and want to treat it with so much more respect and kindness, once you see the amazing things it can do.

So what is the Revolution Juice Cleanse Difference?

Quality: Our food/fuel is superior.  We use only the highest quality organic and GMO free ingredients.  No pesticides, chemicals, fake flavors or colors.  Period.

Support:  We are here to help you get the MOST out of your cleanse.  We know  the most reliable methods, tips and tricks to help you maximize your bodies cleansing and detoxification efforts.  When cleansing with us  you can feel confident you will receive the highest quality information, products and consulting services possible to help you reach your goals.  You deserve the best and that is exactly what we will provide you with.

System: We are unique because we recommend keeping fat intake low while cleansing.  This will help you to have a lot more energy throughout your cleanse, rather than being tired and hungry, which is how high fat versions can make you feel.  If you are trying to cleanse deeply, detoxify or loose weight, then consuming fat is counterproductive.  Eating fat will not help you loose fat when cleansing and especially not in the long run.

Here is how it works.

Our bodies are so efficient, that wasteful pathways for utilizing and disposing of excess nutrients are avoided.  The proteins in our foods are used to repair cells and synthesize enzymes.  Protein taken in excess is eliminated from the body through the kidneys.  Excess protein is not stored or routinely converted to carbohydrates or fat.

Carbohydrates are the body’s main, preferred and cleanest burning form of fuel.  When more is consumed than is needed for daily activities (we are calorie burning creatures), two pounds of the excess is stored invisibly in the liver and muscles as glycogen.  The rest is dissipated as heat.  The body does not turn extra carbohydrates into fat because the process is too wasteful.

Fats taken in excess of daily needs are also handled adeptly.  Since they are already in the chemical form for storage, they are simply moved from the fork, spoon or straw to the fat cells.  The process is so efficient that the fats retain their original chemical structure.  A needle biopsy of your fatty tissue would reveal the kinds of foods you like.  If you eat lots of cold-water marine fish, then your fatty tissues will be full of omega-3 fats.  If you like margarine, you will be full of “trans” fats.  The fat you eat is the fat you wear.  Effortlessly. *

Maximum Results

Revolution Juice will provide you with the tools you need to take your cleansing routine to the next level, no matter what level you are at.
Cleanse with us and you will certainly see a difference in how you feel and look from the inside out.






*Portion cited from: John A. McDougall, MD