Why GMO Free?

Better for you and the environment.

Buying local GMO free will improve your health. Eating a well-balanced diet, nutrient rich whole foods, and products free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are some of the best secrets to staying healthy. Did you also know that when you buy locally, your food is fresher, tastes better, and has higher nutrition value. Most produce has been picked 4-7 days before it arrives at your supermarket, and has most likely traveled many, if not thousands of miles. When purchasing produce from local sources it is usually available within 24 hours after harvest and at peak freshness. Large-scale farms select varieties for their yield and shelf life, unlike smaller local farms that select varieties based on taste, diversity, and nutrition.

Eating local GMO free food supports healthy farming practices. Small family farms numbers are declining rapidly and the odds of survival are stacked up against them. Governmental policies favoring commodity markets, large-scale agribusiness, and the introduction of GM seeds are not just problems farmers face, they affect individual consumers, communities, and the environment. Reduction in supply and increased cost of safe, fresh, sustainably grown foods is a direct result of the loss of small family farms. Buying from local GMO free farmers will bring good food back for everyone, ensure diversity in our food supply, contribute to rural communities, and keep us in touch with our roots.

Buying local GMO free food boosts the local economy. Whom you choose to give your money to grow, cook or serve your food to you has a dramatic effect on the local economy. Research shows that the more dollars spent on local products and services will boost local economic growth; so why not shift a portion of our spending from national chains and large-scale agriculture to independent locally owned-and-operated businesses that support GMO free products.

Buying local GMO free is good for the Environment. Large-scale, agribusiness-oriented food suppliers pollute the environment, threaten food security, harm our health, and damage our communities. They are a serious threat to our environment. Buying local will reduce your personal carbon food-print, support sustainable growing practices, and will help to keep our environment safe.